Crux in English

We are collecting works for the English issue of the South China Literary Almanac CRUX.

It may be poetry, prose, a diary entry, some non-fiction piece, a photograph, a drawing, a painting… you name it. The only flexible requirement is that it is somehow connected with the life of expats in China or Asia… on the other hand guest pieces from people uprooted from their home lands who have found their (temporary) abode in another country are also welcome to share their visions of life. Therefore your work does not have to be about Asia, but if it is a refraction of life’s light through the cultural prism that is you – we would like to hear from you!

We all have a story in us. As a wise man once told me, “Traveling the world you have experiences which people stuck for their entire lives in little cities or villages in their home countries will never have. And their desire to travel and see other far-away places may be quenched through your writing. You will have your audience.”

Thus, creative people who wish to share the fruit of their creativity are welcome to submit their original work. Crux is a free publication, no fees, no roaylties, it is run on the pure enthusiasm of the editors. A blog of sorts. The copyright on the pieces we publish is entirely yours. When we have enough pieces we will thread them together in a file (like this Russian issue of the almanac) which may be printed and given as a gift or kept on your vanity shelf.

Let the journey of a thousand+ issues begin with a single step of yours!

Lao Zi started his journey to the west from here (Fujian mountains)


Tony Gau               Intercultural Communication 

Finley J. MacDonald    Pitahaya