Michael-Aquila Gao

Ecological Revolution

Do you know what pollution means?

Its making your home dirty

You may say we keep our home clean,

But I don’t really think so.

See, by home I mean planet Earth

And now its incredibly dirty

I mean the ocean is full of plastic

The number of pieces of plastic there is really drastic

We have time to clean up,

But scientists predict

That in the next 10-100 years

All the known animals will be extinct

See it is up to us, all of us…

To fight pollution

In an ecological revolution

We have to act fast

Or our whole planet will look like an

Area after a nuclear blast.

June 10, 2020

(c) Michael-Aquila Gao

This poem was written for the 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest Climate Hope: Transforming Chaos

and is featured on YouTube

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