Michael-Aquila Gao

Once, in a Game Called Minecraft…

(an excerpt)

This piece has initially appeared in the Spring Edition of That’s Guangzhou’s Urban Family magazine as the FINALIST of the 2019 Youth Writing Contest

Super-Dinomike spawned in on a plains biome, next to a river. He chose the Creative Mode because he wanted to build a house.

“So, – he thought. – My house”.

He was a noob so he didn’t know much. But when he saw the toughness of bedrock, he decided to make a house out of that. And, as a noob, he made the house right there on the spot, which was a mistake, for he didn’t know that trees don’t grow on plains. And of course, no trees meant no tools.

Then he placed a bed, a furnace, and a crafting table down, switched to Survival and went to bed.

When he woke up, as you would expect, he looked out the window to see a creeper Flash! Flash! and Blow up! So he was scared. But, remembering the toughness of bedrock, he relaxed. The creeper blew up, leaving a tunnel in the floor.

So the burning, angry, blown up zombies came fast. And, as a noob, he killed one and died himself.

He came back near the bed, killed another and died again.

Came back, killed, and survived!

But he was hungry, so he killed a sheep, and … well, tried to cook it. No wood in the plains, remember? So, he went back to Creative, got some, along with some other tools, weapons and a full set of diamond armor. Then he switched back to Survival, ate some food, and made an underground bunker. Then he made a trapdoor, the recipe of which he’d found in the crafting table. And, adding a painting, he went to bed.

In the morning he went monster-hunting, and successfully found and killed a skeleton. And soon he found a wandering wolf, tamed him and got a dog / friend/ guardian. That night he killed one creeper (fed the dog), two zombies (fed the dog) and two skeletons (fed the dog). Even though the dog was scared of creepers (good to know!) the other four died in seconds.

(c) Michael-Aquila Gao

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